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provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil. It includes simple graphical procedures for entering both wind and hydrodynamic data and specifying the spill scenario. To see an animated OILMAP scenario, click here.

Applications for OILMAP include:

  • Oil spill response decision support.
  • Oil spill response training.
  • Spill drill exercises.
  • Contingency planning studies.
  • Litigation support.
  • Management of spill related data.
  • Communicate spill scenarios.


  • Contains ASA's own GIS or can be used in otherGIS software such as ArcView®.
  • Rescue operations.
  • Updating predictions with over flight data.
  • Incorporating Boom-Oil interaction.
  • Dispersant Application.
  • Use of NOAA's Adios oil database of nearly 1,000 oils for weathering calculations.
  • Develop Coastal Planning and Management Data Bases using the interactive GIS.
  • Capability to customize a resource and cost management system.
Trajectory and Weathering Model
  • Predicts oil trajectories for instantaneous or continuous release spills.
  • Includes algorithms for spreading, evaporation, emulsification, entrainment, oil-shoreline interaction, and oil-ice interaction.
  • Animation of surface oil movement, identification of shoreline impacts, graphical and tabular listings of weathering mass balance results, and display of GIS resources impacted by the spill.

Stochastic Model (for Risk Assessment and Oil Spill Contingency Planning)

  • Determine most likely spill paths for spills on a monthly, seasonal, or annual basis.
  • Probabilities of oiling the water surface and shorelines in the vicinity of the spill site, and contours of oil travel time.

Receptor Model (for Oil Vulnerability Analysis)

  • Determine vulnerability of a particular site (e.g. Desalination Plant) to oil spills based on lightering sites or tanker traffic routes.
  • Determine possible sources of oil when oil has been observed at a particular site

Search and Rescue Model

  • Provides an envelope of likely search areas of an object or accident site based on drift behavior.
  • Database of drift behavior for a variety of objects is provided based on US Coast Guard data.

Subsurface Transport

  • Predicts the subsurface transport of entrained and dissolved oil

For more information about OILMAP by e-mail please contact: Eoin Howlett

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